Self- transformation

If you want to awaken

All of humanity

Then awaken to yourself.


If you want to eliminate

The suffering in the world,

Than eliminate all is dark

And negative in yourself.


Truly, the greatest gift

You have to give

Is that of your own

Self - transformation.

- Lao Tzu


On enlightenment

Whether or not you become enlightened,

Practice benefits you.

- Sheng Yen


Lean to the backward step

That turns your light inward

To illuminate yourself.


Consider that nirvana is itself

No other then our life.

- Dogen Zenji

Learn to go deeper

Over and over we try and try

And then we 'fail'

Then at some point, 

We 'learn to go deeper.'

- Shunryu Suzuki


No escaping it

I must step on fallen leaves

To take this path.

- Suzuki Masajo


Therefore having and not having

Arise together

Difficult and easy complement each other.

- Lao Tzu

How much of my life remains

The sound of waves

How distant, now close;

How much of my life remains.

- Santoka Taneda


The fundamental delusion

The fundamental delusion of humanity

Is to suppose that I am here and you

Are out there.

- Yasutani Roshi


If you realize that

All things change,

There is nothing

You will try to hold on.

- Lao Tzu



The Tao is like a well

The Tao is like a well

Used but never used-up.

It is like the eternal void:

Filled with infinite possibilities.

- Tao Te Ching chapter 4


Do not resist the jouneys flow and

You will find youself at One with

The mysterieus unity of the Universe.

- Ghuang Tzu

Our expectations

It is not life that cause suffering-

But our expectations that life

Should be the way we want.

- Kodo Suaki

Seek the way

Those who seek knowledge,

Collect something every day.

Those who seek the Way,

Let go of something

Every day.

- Laozi

First empty yoour cup

Like this cup, you are full of your own

Opinions and speculations.

How can I show you wisdom

Unless you first empty 

Your own cup?

- Nyogen Senzaki

Your cup of tea

Though many people drink tea

If you do' not know the Way of tea,

Tea will drink you up.


If you have one pot and you can make

Your tea in it, that will do quite well.

How much does he lack himself who must have 

A lot of things.

- Sen no Rikyu



When the heart is at peace,

'For' and 'against' are forgotten.

- Bindu Budhiraja


Beïng still does not mean

Don't  move.

It means move in peace.

- Lao Tzu